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Corporate, Luxury & Party Boat Hire

London is unique, as there are two great ways to see the city, one is from the air and the other is from the river. At Thames Boat Hire we specialise in helping you to find the most appropriate boat for your event on the River Thames.

Within this website you will find information on all of the boats that are available to charter on the River Thames in London.  In order to make the Thames Boat Hire process as simple as possible, we have categorised all of the boats into three distinct categories.  Party Boats, Corporate Boats and Luxury Boats.

Thames Party Boats are ideal for informal events and disco style parties.  Party Boats are normally the cheapest option when it comes to boat hire on the Thames.  The boats are all clean and have passed all of the latest safety checks.  If you are looking for a boat to hold a Disco style event or if you would like a boat that offers an informal environment then Thames Boat Hire will be the best option for you.

Thames Corporate Boats generally provide the best value for money when it comes to boat hire in London.  These boats are very well appointed with luxurious fixtures and fittings and make the perfect environment for people who would like to hold a corporate event, upmarket celebration or formal dining event.  All Corporate Boats on the River Thames have the option of buffet style or formal dining and a range on entertainment options for a DJ and Disco, to Live Music or Casino Tables.

Thames Luxury Boats  are simply the best boats on the river in London.   The boats in our Luxury Section have been specially selected because of their opulent fixtures and fittings, high quality dining options and exceptional levels of service on board. Thames Luxury Boats make the ideal choice for Wedding Ceremonies on the River Thames, corporate events, formal dinner dances or any other event where it is important to offer the very best quality and to impress your guests.

At Thames Boat Hire we also offer a range of Boat Hire options in the Upper Thames area of Windsor and Maidenhead.  This gives our clients the option of cruises past Windsor Castle and the celebrity houses that are located along the banks of the river as you sail through Maidenhead on route to Cliveden House.

The key to a successful boat hire London is to ensure that the boat that you select is suitable for the event that you wish to hold. People hire boats on the River Thames for many different reasons. Some people want to have a disco party with their friends, some people would like a sophisticated meal, some people want to see the sights and many people want to combine all three.

To start your search for the perfect boat to hire on the River Thames, please use one of the links above.