LPB Terms and Conditions

No booking can be confirmed until a completed and signed copy of the Booking Form has been received. No charter will be deemed confirmed until the deposit has been received.

By booking your Private Charter with Thames Boat Hire, any person named on the Booking Form shall be considered the Hirer. You are bound by the following Terms & Conditions and shall be liable for all charges made by the Company.

During Hire, the Vessel will remain under complete control of the captain and/ or crew. If for Weather, Tidal or other reasons, the captain considers it necessary to vary the Scheduled trip; his orders will be accepted by the Hirer. Should the Hirer have any cause for complaint, he/she must notify the captain before termination of the hire. Complaints not notified will not be accepted after the function.

The owners will not be liable for any Accident, Injury, Loss, Damage or Delay to person embarked, or their possession howsoever caused or during embarkation or disembarkation whether this be by negligence of their employees or otherwise.

Hirers are liable for any Loss and Damage to the vessel’s equipment or fixture and fittings any damage caused by them or persons in their party. Before embarkation of vessel the Organiser is invited to inspect the vessel.

Reserve the right to substitute another Vessel and, if necessary, for reasons beyond their control, to cancel the said party, but will not be liable for any expenses incurred by the hirers caused by such substitution or cancellation.

We will endeavour to allow 1 hours set up time at Festival Pier before a function for organizers to set up and decorate, however this can not always be guaranteed. Any clients requiring extra set up time are requested to book additional hours hire time. Any additional time booked will be charged at the normal hourly rate. Passengers permitted on board during the set up time are restricted to 5 people actually helping to set up. Any other passengers may be asked to disembark until the boat is ready for boarding. London Party Boats Ltd reserves the right to conduct viewings, take deliveries, clean and set up the vessel during this time.

The vessel will be ready for boarding 15 minutes before the requested embarkation time and passengers will not be permitted to board before this time, regardless of the weather conditions. Organizers are requested to pass this information to their party to ensure they arrive at the correct time. The vessel will leave the pier at the requested time and anyone not on board will be left behind. London Party Boats Ltd will not be responsible for late passengers missing the function.

Reception drinks from our reception drinks list and wine or champagne by the glass will be out on a table for passengers to help themselves when boarding. Some clients wish to save money by purchasing wine or champagne by the bottle. In this case we can provide bottles and plastic glasses and the client is responsible for pouring and serving, as you would do if you bought a bottle from the bar.

Unfortunately Clients are not permitted to bring any of their own beverages on board, but can purchase bottles of champagne sparkling wine and red and white wine prior to function we do have special discounts for 10 or more bottles if booked before function please ask one of our sales team for more information and prices.

All drinks from the bar are served in plastic glasses regardless of type or quantity of drink purchased. Soft drinks, spirits and mixers, half pint of lager and wine are served in half pint plastic tumblers, pints of lager are served in plastic pint glasses and champagne and sparkling wine are served in plastic flutes.

The hire of the vessel includes the cost of the bar staff
Up to 70 Guests, The Main Bar & 1 Bar staff is included in the hire price
Above 70 Guests, The Main Bar, Dance Floor Bar & 2 bar staff is included in the hire price
For parties below 70 guests the use of the dance floor bar and staff will be charged at £50+VAT
It is illegal for us to serve alcohol whilst along side a pier and if you arrange for the boat to remain at a pier for any length of time during a function then the bars will be closed. It is the organizer’s responsibility to ensure that their guests understand this. On functions where more than 10% of guests will not be drinking alcohol, the office should be notified in advance of the booking as a surcharge may apply.

If passenger numbers falls below stated number a surcharge may be applied (i.e. if stated over 70 passengers and number falls below you would be charged for the second bar and staff)

Clients using London Party Boats Ltd caterers must order food for everyone on board Clients may use their own caterers for a surcharge. This surcharge will apply to everyone on board regardless of whether or not they eat anything. The surcharge does not cover any beverages! Surcharge only covers the waste disposal and does not include use of any utensils, crockery, cutlery or linen.

A £50.00 Deposit is payable on arrival and will be refunded after party (Subject to Conditions)

The tables on board are fixed tables which seat a maximum of 4 people, 2 per side. Tables and chairs are set up in the lower saloon with seating around the top deck Extra tables and chairs can be hired from LPB please see our extras page list for more details and prices.

Clients wishing to provide their own entertainment on board may do so for a small surcharge. Noise limiters are fitted on all our vessels in order to comply with current noise regulations and these are under the Captains control at all times.

A Non Returnable Deposit is payable on Booking. No cancellation will be accepted within 4 weeks of the date booked unless the company is able to re let the date.

Under 21 years of age Parties
We require 1 adult over the age of 25 years of age per 10 under 21 years of age on board, On all 16th 17th 18th 19th 20th Birthday parties, we do need to see all adults on board prior to the vessel departing from the pier, falling to do this could stop the vessel from departing and the captain may cancel the party and no refund will be given.

All invoices are payable in full 21 working days before the function. Any additional charges incurred during the function must be settled at the end of the function by card or cash. Cheques are not accepted at this time. In the event of any accounts not being settled by the end of the function London Party Boats LTD will invoice for the amount outstanding plus a 10% administration charge. Any payments made on a credit card will incur a 2% surcharge. There is no charge for debit cards.

We regret the following are not permitted on board under any circumstances: Party poppers, Silly string, Confetti or table confetti, Dry ice, Smoke or Bubble machines, lit candles, sparklers, fireworks or similar.

The boat will arrive at the chosen disembarkation pier 15 minutes before the end of the function which is when the bars will close. Passengers will then have 15 minutes to finish their drinks and disembark. All passengers must be disembarked by the end of the function. Passengers delaying the end of the function will incur additional hourly charges at the appropriate rate and these will be billed to the organizer.

No event shall take place, which makes reference, either directly, or indirectly, to any pirate radio station in any form. Advertising of any event shall not include either the name of any pirate radio station, or of any person connected with any pirate radio station. No DJs, MCs or other people working for any pirate radio station shall be allowed to perform at this venue. During the event, no reference shall be made to any pirate radio station. Any breach of this clause will render the Client liable to summary cancellation of the event, with no reimbursement of costs. The company will endeavour to make your party successful, and to this end we offer you river knowledge and skill.

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