River Terms and Conditions

No booking can be confirmed until a completed and signed copy of the Booking Form has been received.
No charter will be deemed confirmed until the deposit has been received.

By booking your Private Charter with Thames Boat Hire, any person named on the Booking Form shall be considered the Hirer.
You are bound by the below Terms & Conditions of the operating Company and shall be liable for all charges made by the operating Company.

A booking will be confirmed when we have received a completed and signed booking form with a non-refundable deposit and have sent the client written confirmation of the booking. The Balance of all amounts due if paid by cheque, must be in our account no later than 14 days before the party. After this date payments must be paid by BAC or CHAPS bank transfer.

During the hire the vessel will remain under complete control of the Captain and / or Crew as provided by the owners. If for weather, tidal or other reasons the Captain considers it necessary to vary the scheduled trip his decision shall be final. The Captain will endeavour to bring the vessel alongside 15 minutes before the embarkation and disembarkation. Passengers should disembark within 15 minutes.

The owners shall not be liable for any accident, injury, loss, damage or delay to persons embarked; or their possessions howsoever caused, during embarkation or disembarkation, whether this be by negligence of their employees or otherwise.

The Hirers are liable for any loss or damage to the vessel or equipment caused by them or persons in their party. For certain events the Company will insist on an advance damage deposit and also the compulsory use of the Company’s own security personnel.

The Company reserves the right to substitute another vessel and, if necessary for reasons beyond their control, to cancel the said party, but will not be liable for any expenses incurred by the Hirer caused by such substitution or cancellation. The Company also reserves the right to alter prices should circumstances beyond their control make this necessary. The Company also reserves the right to charge interest on any outstanding debts.

Should the client have any cause for complaint, the Captain must be notified during the party and the office must be notified in writing within a week of the event. Complaints cannot be properly investigated unless so notified.

If a cruise is cancelled by a client for any cause, within six weeks of the date of the cruise, then the whole amount of the boat hire and other ancillary charges are payable by the client unless the company is able to re-let the date.


  • On Bank Holiday weekends Saturday rates apply throughout.
  • All vessels fully comply with Marine Coastal Agency safety and insurance regulations.
  • Vessels are allowed on the pier from 15 minutes before your official embarkation time.
  • Vessels will return to the pier 15 minutes before the official disembarkation time to allow passengers time to disembark. Extra embarkation or disembarkation stops @ £25 – £70 each depending on pier.
  • Any cheques paid to us must be received not later than two weeks before the date of the function. Cheques received after that will not be accepted.


  • Full bar facilities are available on board at normal saloon bar prices. This is a cash bar – there is no facility to accept card payment. Account bars CANNOT be arranged on board unless a cash advance is paid to the bar staff before the function starts.
  • PLEASE NOTE THAT CLIENTS CANNOT BRING ANY DRINK ON BOARD including soft drinks/water, if any unauthorised drinks including soft drinks and water – are brought on board, the function will be terminated
  • Corkage charges must be paid in advance and refunds will be made after the party for any wine not consumed. For the corkage charge we supply glasses, ice etc. and our staff will serve drinks from the bar.
  • Boat hire fees normally include one bar staff per 50 passengers, up to a maximum of 4 bar staff, to serve drinks from the bar. If you require drinks to be circulated on trays this may require extra staff at additional cost. This service must be requested in writing before the function.
  • Arrangements may be made for account bars, i.e.
    • (a) All drinks will be charged to the client 
    • (b) Wine/beer/soft drinks charged to the client, guests pay cash for spirits.
    • (c) All drinks charged to the client up to a certain agreed limit, then guests pay cash.
  • ALL ACCOUNT BARS MUST BE REQUESTED IN WRITING and a £19.00 per head deposit is payable in advance with the balance being paid by cheque, on board, at the end of the function.


  • Clients are allowed to arrange their own food on board for a set fee but are expected to clear up and put all waste and rubbish into plastic sacks we provide. We will dispose the sacks.
  • Catering equipment will be disembarked at the same pier as the passengers and the time allowed for this is a maximum of 30 minutes.
  • Preparation. Any free time given to clients for preparations on the vessel is arranged in good faith, at our discretion but we cannot accept responsibility if this time is reduced or cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances on the day.


  • Clients bringing their own musical equipment on board are responsible for getting it on and off the vessel. This equipment will be disembarked at the same pier as the passengers. The time allowed is a maximum of 30 minutes.
  • Noise levels from discotheques are governed by noise limiters and are under the Captain’s control at all times.


  • The Hirers are liable for any loss or damage to the vessel or equipment which is caused by a member of their party.
  • For certain events the Company will insist on an advance damage deposit and/or the use of the Company’s own security staff. Clients are invited to inspect the vessel with the Captain prior to embarkation and to note any damage. They can then re-inspect the vessel with the captain at the end of the party, when the Captain has completed the disembarkation of all the passengers.

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